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The Hopewell Group Announces Grade A Vendor Performance Rating

Subsidiary Hopewell Staffing received Grade A rating from the State of Texas Health & Human Services Commission

April 27, 2020, Houston, TX – Hopewell Staffing, part of the Hopewell Group family of companies, headquartered in Houston, is proud to announce its recent Grade A rating from the State of Texas Health & Human Services Commission. Hopewell Staffing has been providing staffing services to the agency since October of 2016 for a variety of nursing and healthcare roles.

A grade A rating is defined as: Contractor that delivered the good or service; that is the best value for the good or service because it complied with all the specifications and evaluation criteria identified in the solicitation documents; in full compliance of all material terms of the contract; and with complete or substantial customer satisfaction.

The organization was also noted to provide and “exceptional customer service response.”

“I’m exceptionally proud of the Hopewell Staffing team and their support to the State of Texas, “says Gerald Young, founder and President of the Hopewell Group. “Much of the credit goes to Kizzy Williams, our Recruiting Director, for driving the success of this effort.

The Vendor Performance Report is a public record and can be viewed here.


About the Hopewell Group

The Hopewell Group was founded by an experienced healthcare executive and attorney. We are a healthcare management firm focused on delivering exceptional niche solutions and products across the healthcare delivery system. We have core offerings in medical billing, risk strategy, nurse and healthcare staffing, healthcare app development, and home healthcare.